Telecoms, Rates, Offers and Coverage

Telecoms, Rates, Offers and Coverage

- The Ethiopian Telecommunications Corporation (ETC) is finalizing preparations to launch 3G (Third Generation) mobile services in fifty selected areas to corporate customers and its professionals. ETC also announced that the new Nokia Amharic Mobile Phones are supported by its mobile networks.

- Zimbabwe's major cellular phone operators have increased their tariffs with immediate effect, saying the previous rates were too low and their businesses were running at a loss. Econet Wirelss has increased its tariffs to Zd 45 000 per minute with immediate effect. Econet messaging services now cost Zd 11 500 each. Meanwhile, the government controlled NetOne increased its own rates to Zd 35 000 per minute for all calls. One US Dollar for example fetches two million Zimbabwean dollars.

- MTC Namibia has stopped abruptly its new promotion. Its General Manager of Corporate Affairs, Albertus Aochamub blamed the situation on "unexpected congestion of the network and related technical challenges which are being attended to". The promotion offered users to make endless calls to fellow MTC subscribers for N$10 per day.

- In its second expansion exercise in one month, Nigeria’s mobile operator, Globacom has rolled out in 40 communities and towns in 17 states in an effort to cover the entire country; just as it also launched its N83 billion nationwide fibre backbone to improve service quality.

- Abu Dhabi based company Warid Telecom which announced last week successful test calls on its new network in Uganda, is also deploying a network in Congo-Brazaville in partnership with Huawei Technologies.

- Mauritius Telecom is going to launch next January its NetPC service whereby users will be offered online access to PC applications and storage space.