Internet News - In Brief


- Galaxy Backbone Plc, Nigeria’s Federal Government's Internet Service Provider (ISP) has announced that it will provide connectivity nationwide to support triple play solution in the areas of rural telephony, video conferencing and internet connectivity.

- In Senegal, a new fairtrade website named “taftafpro” ( has been launched. It offers to buy online arts and crafts items made in West Africa.

-In South Africa, the number of broadband subscribers is increasing at a rapid rate, but there are currently still more dial-up subscribers than broadband users. According to information released by Telkom there are currently around 946,000 dial-up subscribers, more than the current 800,000 broadband users in South Africa.

- The Arab permanent committee of information and communication examined the use of Arab letters in the writing of URL addresses, through the signing of an memorandum of understanding with UNESCO and the follow-up of the preparation of the Arab social and economic summit in terms of information and communication technologies.

-South Africa’s ISP, Internet Solutions’ General Manager for Internet Access, Alan Bacher, said that the company’s total ADSL Traffic for October 2007 came to 326 TB. Business DSL accounted for 57% of this usage while consumers made up 28% and express services 15%.