ReloadNG Launches E-commerce platform in Nigeria

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ReloadNG , a web-based application, which provides a one-stop shop to all solutions regarding simplifying the process by which corporate bodies manage and distribute airtime (vouchers/credit) to their members of staff/customers has been launched.

In an interaction with newsmen at the launch recently, the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of SOFTCOM, the company behind ReloadNG, Toochukwu Onyemelukwe summed it up simply as bringing simplicity into everyday living.

"It is a brand new development which just three weeks after the lunch over a 1000 people were already active on the site. The site is customer focused. What it does is that it finds out what customers need and then provide the services for them", he said.

Onyemelukwe explained that ReloadNG is the first project of SOFTCOM Ltd, adding that "SOFTCOM was put together by like minds, vibrant young entrepreneurs who set out to design and customized solutions and applications to various sector of the industries especially corporate industries, small and medium scale businesses and also individuals".

"Our first product is Reloadng, is a site that allows you simplify the way you go about your daily utilities and purchasing them. Daily utilities like recharge cards, PHCN bills, DSTV bills, Water bills etc.

"It is all about e-commerce, which is buying and selling on the Internet. ReloadNG is free of charge and no payment of subscription fee. When you log on to ReloadNG, for the first time it gives you a username and password and gives you a SOFTPURSE account name. SOFTPURSE is another application designed by SOFTCOM. Is an online virtual account that can be used to pay for goods and services on the Internet. ReloadNG takes money from SOFTPURSE. You can use your Visacard, ATM, and MasterCard on ReloadNG to buy and sell whatever you want in any part of the world. This has never happened in Nigeria . No company has been able to allow any foreign credit cards like VISA CARD, MASTERCARD to be use here in Nigeria", he said.

To assure ReloadNG site users and potential users alike on how secured the site is, SOFTCOM got the endorsement of Verisign. VeriSign is a company that puts its stamp on a website to guarantee its security and authenticity that the site is free from hackers and fraudsters.

"We know that there is a lot of fraud on the Internet and skepticism can always come in when it comes to things like this in Nigeria, we had to look for ways to win the confidence of the average Nigerian. So we put VeriSign. Is a security sign company based in the United States of America and once they stamp your site it means your site is secure. It does not put its sign on any site that is not secure. If you want to verify if the site is secure there is a padlock that you will click on and it will show you the certificate, which it is registered to.

"We have also gone into partnership with Interswitch. Everybody knows Interswitch they are the ones producing all the ATM cards for all the banks in Nigeria. Our partnership with Interswitch means that apart from the fact that you can use your Visacard and Master; you can use any ATM card from any bank in Nigeria to buy on this site. So there no card you cannot use on this site, you are not limited any more", he said.

For now the products on the site are e-vouchers as low as N100 from MTN, Celtel, Glo, Mtel and N500 from Multilinks, Starcomms.

"As time goes on we are going to add prepared PHCN cards, water bill. We are talking about you sitting at home or in your office and buying what you want and you are sure of what you are buying. We are also looking at you sitting in your office or home to pay your children's school fees, that's our target in the next couple of months", he said.

Onyemelukwe also spoke on the unique feature on the site known as FlashMeCredit.

"We put into consideration that you might not be on line all the time hence you will be limited. But so long as you have money in your SOFTPURSE account it means that once you go to the site and configure "FlashMeCredit" and with that you can be able to buy credit even when you are not on the Internet using your phone.

"Once your phone calls any of the designated numbers it can send you credit in the specified amount that you want, that I can guarantee you is done in less than a minute and there is no delays because as the calls comes in it solves your request and knocks you off. A line can take like 500 calls in a minute. Another way is that you can buy your credit via a text message in case you can't make a FlashMeCredit call.

Another feature that is very unique is "Manage Referrals". The Reloadng site is very lucrative because you can make money from it. If you log unto the site you can invite as many people as you want to the site, for each person that buys using the Reloadng site, which are your referrals you earn a commission on any denomination of cards, and this is for life. So just imagine that you are able to pull in 200 people and those 200 people buy cards you earn a commission on them. And if those 200 people refer other people, they will make money and you too will make money and so your tree keeps growing.

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