IT College Students to Get Laptops in Botswana


Students studying at the NIIT have been given an opportunity to own laptops, which they would return at the end of their studies or take home as a start to their careers.

Speaking to Monitor, NIIT general manager Ravi Srinivasan says the laptop scheme is meant to improve the quality of education at the institution that focuses more on Information Technology (IT). "We teach the students the bolts and nuts of IT hands-on and when we analysed the situation we realised that they only practise while at school and do not have the opportunity to do so at home and so we started this scheme," Srinivasan said.

He said the students are not taught how to work on the programmes at the institution but how to create the programmes, even if they are all not going to be programmers.

"They will at least be able to analyse the programmes," he said.

The scheme, that is open to the second year students would see them pay cautionary fees of P500 and P100 yearly towards the maintenance of the laptop, which will be done by NIIT's technical department. "At the end of their study they may choose to return it and claim their P500 or take it at a mutually agreed amount," he stated.

Srivivasan indicated that taking the laptop would be the best option as coupled with their degrees and all the programmes that they could have used during their study would be a good start for anyone wishing to further their careers.

"By doing this we are also developing ICT and introducing it to many people as those students will surely share their laptops with their families, thus strengthening the pillar of an educated nation as envisaged under Vision 2016," he said.

However, he explained that if a student loses the laptop he/she would be expected to file a complaint report that would be forwarded to the insurance company and the student would meet all excess costs.

Government started sponsoring students to NIIT late last year as part of its programme to increase their access to tertiary education. NIIT is currently building a state of the art campus that is expected to be completed by next January, behind the Game City shopping complex.

Mmegi/The Reporter