Emtel and MC VISION First in the World to Commercially Deploy Multicast ABR Technology With Broadpeak’s nanoCDN


RENNES, France — March 1, 2016 — Broadpeak, a provider of content delivery network (CDN) technologies and live and on-demand servers for cable, IPTV, OTT, hybrid TV, and mobile operators worldwide, announced today that Emtel, the telecom and mobile operator in Mauritius, has deployed Broadpeak nanoCDN multicast ABR (Adaptive Bitrate) technology to deliver live multiscreen services through its fiber-through-the-air (FTTA) network. With nanoCDN multicast ABR, Emtel can ensure that OTT services are distributed by video content providers with a superior service quality. This innovative multicast ABR solution is the first of its kind deployed by a telecom and mobile operator to enable efficient multiscreen delivery of live television programs.

“Whenever there is a major sports event, such as the rugby world championship event in London, there is a dramatic increase in multiscreen video consumption. To meet our customers’ insatiable appetite for video content — without disrupting our Internet service — we needed a flexible, scalable, and affordable CDN solution capable of handling the peak bandwidth consumption of live events,” said Teddy Bhullar, CEO of Emtel. “We chose Broadpeak nanoCDN because it enables us to deliver multicast streams via CDN, eliminating the need for expensive, bandwidth-hungry unicast streams. Thanks to nanoCDN we can deliver an exceptional live video experience to our customers, with optimal bandwidth usage, safeguarding standard Internet-based services.”

MC VISION, the official broadcaster of Canal+ for Mauritius, recently introduced its myCANAL multiscreen service utilizing Emtel’s latest network broadcasting delivery features. By leveraging multicast capabilities of the network, nanoCDN will enable Emtel to infinitely scale the delivery of live video streams to a wide range of devices, including PCs, smartphones, and tablets, while providing a superior quality of service to customers.

“Managing and optimizing the viewer experience on the myCANAL service was a key requirement for us,” said Ghislaine Tchibozo, general manager of MC VISION. “Working with Emtel and Broadpeak, we can provide viewers with a superior live entertainment experience on every screen.”

nanoCDN technology relies on standard DOCSIS 3.0 and DSL/fiber home broadband gateways. Running Broadpeak technology, the Technicolor TC7200 broadband cable modems can receive and translate the multicast streams into unicast sessions for delivery to individual devices across the residential environment. This multicast-to-unicast process allows Emtel to save network bandwidth, enabling a fast Internet connection as well as delivery of high-quality live ABR video streams to any standard device within the home. Utilizing multicast and Broadpeak’s nanoCDN technology, Emtel can deliver thousands of simultaneous streams using only a few megabits over the network.

“Using nanoCDN over fiber to the air is a truly innovative application that sets the benchmark for saving bandwidth while also meeting demand for live multiscreen content. As other telecom and cable operators around the world look to take advantage of network multicast technology, this project provides them with a great real-world deployment,” said Jacques Le Mancq, CEO, Broadpeak.

More information about Broadpeak solutions can be found at www.broadpeak.tv.
Source: Press Release