Trend hunter: Queens of Kenya's tiny screen

Digital Content

In Kenya a growing number of young women have channelled flaunting it into a business, harnessing Instagram and social media and brokering sponsorship deals for their selfies and short clips giving style, fashion and beauty inspiration.

Key to these lifestyle gurus' online following is that they big up local designers and stockists and offern tips for a range of skin tones. Leading the pack is Sharon Mundia (above).

Through her blog,, she advises fans on where to buy beauty products locally in addition to showcasing the casual glamour looks she puts together (check out, for instance, her "blazer and rompers" combi).

Followers routinely laud her for her style, and even corporates are taking note. Mundia landed an endorsement with the mobile company Samsung and, with over 120,000 Instagram followers, has won awards for her social media presence.

Another favourite with the Instagram crowd is the Somali-Kenyan Fawwie Sol (fawwie_for_you). With her clean contours and immaculate eye liner 'flicks' Sol has gained a global audience. In 2015 she took her passion for pairing to television as wardrobe stylist to the stars on Coke Studio Africa.

Screen and TV writer Joy Kendi is the inspiration for those who dare to be different. From a shaved, bleached blonde hair-do to a collage of bold blue, green and yellow lipsticks, the killer looks on her blog justjoykendi are combined with skincare, DIY, recipes and travel inspiration.
Source: The African Report 2 March 2016