Liberia: Cellcom launches 4G+LTE services


In a bid to provide quality telecommunications services to Liberia, Cellcom GSM company has launched a high speed internet service referred to as 4G+LTE.
Speaking at the launch of the services over the weekend in Monrovia, Cellcom Chief Executive Officer Avisha Marziano said the launch of the 4G+LTE would ensure that customers enjoy the latest high speed internet service in Liberia.

He described the 4G+LTE as the most advanced internet service not only in Liberia but the world at large.

817 - 4G LTE in Africa

He explained that with the 4G+LTE service, customers can in a few seconds download a full movie, adding that the “4G+LTE internet is ten times better than the previous 4G. This latest internet service has phenomenal high speed compared to none”.

“The launch of the 4G+LTE has allowed Cellcom to transition from a satellite system to a full digital world,” Marziano said.

He, however, explained that the 4G+LTE internet service is currently available only in Motserrado County, which hosts the capital Monrovia, but assured that it would be rolled out in other counties in the coming months.

In remarks at the launching programme, the Cellcom Corporate Communication Strategist Kimmie Weeks said the latest internet service would enable customers, especially institutions to do electronic transactions and that “with the 4G+LTE doctors in America can perform surgery in Liberia electronically”.
Source: Star Africa 18 April 2016