Facebook Founder Hail 10-Year-Old Malawian APP Developer Panache Jere - Team Malawi Wins Developer Challenge Supported By TNM

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Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has hailed a 10 year-old Malawian app developer, Panashe Jere for his achievements at the Facebook F8 conference where he also met him.

Panashe created an app called 'Talk to Me' who learned to code at a Coding for Kids session at Malawi Hub.

This app converts input text into voice so children always have someone to talk to which won the Smart Kid Category of the TNM Smart Challenge Competition in Malawi.

For winning the TNM competition, Panashe earned himself a trip to Silicon Valley in the United States of America where he met Zuckerberg who congratulated the young developer for creating the app.

Zuckerberg later posted on his Facebook account about meeting the young Malawian saying: "this guy started coding earlier than I did."

The Facebook founder accompanied the words with a picture of him meeting a seemingly thrilled Panashe.

Two developer teams from Malawi won a developer challenge supported by mobile operator TNM Malawi and Facebook, and were featured on F8's international stage.
Source: Nyasa Times 18 April 2016