Huawei Swings Focus to Cloud Technology


Huawei recently said that it intended to drive the conversation at its second ‘Huawei Cloud Congress West Africa’ by engaging with industry leaders and Information Technology vendors on cloud technology and new innovations in big data.

In doing this, the company said it would be promoting “more open, more efficient, and more structured business growth for enterprises and government.”

The Huawei Cloud Congress, which is one of the top IT events in the year, commenced in 2011, and was held across the globe in China, Europe, Middle East, Latin America, Africa, and South East Asia.

The HCC, as it is now known, was designed to highlight Huawei’s latest innovations in Information and Communications Technology, specifically in cloud technology.

“With the theme, ‘Building an Open, Collaborative and Win-Win Ecosystem for Industry Transformation’, HCC Nigeria 2016 will bring together hundreds of industry elite ranging from telecoms carriers, the finance sector, the different tiers of government, to energy companies and other partners and stakeholders across the West African sub-continent,” a statement from Huawei read.

“Participants and attendees at this year’s event can expect to share Huawei’s IT trends and new experiences, while Huawei will showcase its latest innovative products, solutions and services for the various sectors of the economy.

“HCC 2016 is designed as an opportunity for industry leaders and IT experts to build and strengthen cooperative relationships across sectors and seek Win-Win marketing opportunities for all stakeholders.

Cloud computing and Big Data are two of the leading concepts in IT currently, and adoption of these new technologies is increasing across all business sectors,” the statement also read.

It added, “These technologies are not only changing IT cost structures, but also enabling industry transformation by creating new business models, with associated innovations and benefits.

“This transformation was aptly termed ‘Cloud 2.0’ by Huawei.

At this year’s event, Huawei will share interesting ideas and the latest, most innovative leading-edge IT solutions on industry’s best practices and transformation, especially Cloud2.0.”
Source: MobileWorld Magazine 27 April 2016