NCC alerts frequency spectrum bidders over ‘South African fraud bank’

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The Nigerian government has issued a fraud alert over requested by suspects fraudster asking interested parties in the upcoming frequency spectrum auctions to pay into a South African bank.

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), which is planning the spectrum sale, says a letter purportedly written to some bidders/operators canvassing for Intention to Bid (ITB) to remit payment to a certain Bank Pekao, South Africa in respect of the proposed 2.6GHz Spectrum Auction does not emanate from the telecoms regulator.

NCC assured investors that it will never engage in any act contrary to the approved rules for the process. “As a responsible Commission with proven records of transparency in all its activities including auction processes, we will never do anything outside the rules approved for these processes”, the telecoms regulator says in a statement.

According to the government agency, “at no time did any letter whatsoever emanate from the Commission to any operator. That is why it looks strange that some unscrupulous persons could forge the EVC’s signature purporting it to be same in a sinister motive to deceive and swindle would-be investors in the Spectrum of payments of such money thereto.”

It enjoined intending bidders and members of the public to “disregard the content and texture of the vexatious letter as it did not in any way and form originate from the Commission.”

According to NCC, “the account number known for the auction is domiciled with the CBN and no other. Henceforth, would-be and successful bidders should clarify any letter from the Commission before making payments. So bidders/operators, beware and be guided accordingly.”
Source: Technology Times 27 April 2016