Amazon Eyes-up Emerging Markets for Next Growth Opportunity

Digital Content

Emerging markets offer Amazon Prime an untapped $70 billion revenue opportunity for OTT services according to a new report.

As Amazon has unveiled its latest revenue figures, a new report has revealed that engaging consumers in high growth markets could offer a $70 billion revenue opportunity to digital service providers. With the recent announcement that Amazon Prime Video is to be offered as a standalone service for the first time, and entry into the Indian market is on the horizon, attention is naturally turning to further expansion plans.

Developing markets offer an obvious route for growth for Amazon. However, as the findings suggest, in order to capitalise on this opportunity fully, the digital content provider must understand and address the intricacies of each market and adjust their business and delivery strategies, accordingly.

Moreover, MNOs must decide whether they are going to embrace Amazon if or when the Silicon Valley giant makes its moves, or whether they will try to resist the inevitable pressure it will put onto already over-stretched mobile broadband networks and the threat it poses to existing services. Read the full story in Developing Telecoms here: