Rwanda: WhatsApp Group Gives Birth to an All Girl Music Band

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Sceptics should now agree that social media is a tool to reckon with as music lovers should brace themselves for a new girl band which promises "something different on our local music scene."

Chic band is comprised of four Rwandan ladies, Lina Angele Agasaro, Mirella Umutoni, Mungwasingizwe Marie Rose and Mungwasingizwe Marie Grace. The girls are from 'Beautiful People,' a WhatsApp group of more than 400 people from all walks of life. "We all realized that we had a passion for singing and we said, why we can't form a group?" says one group member.

The band will officially be launched on Friday 13 at Kabana Club, former Havana, in Kacyiru. Organizers say the launch is going to be a tribute to one of the most legendary singer, Whitney Houston.
Source: Rwanda Focus 10 May 2016