Ghanaian diaspora embrace MTN Mobile Money when sending home with WorldRemit

Money Transfer

MTN Mobile Money has become the fastest growing method of receiving WorldRemit  international money transfers in Ghana.

The number of transfers received on mobile accounts is growing by 13% per month on average, as Ghanaians abroad discover the convenience of sending instantly to MTN Mobile Money.

Countries sending the most money to Ghana include the United Kingdom, USA and Australia.

WorldRemit is the global leader in international transfers to Mobile Money, with connections to 32 services in 24 countries across Europe, Africa and Asia.

The increased use of Mobile Money in remittances is also driving a new phenomenon - 'micro remittances', where people send smaller amounts, more often.

Mobile Money is most commonly used for transfers of less than 300 Cedi, with the average WordRemit sender transferring around three times per month.
Source: Company Press Release