Africa connecting to global growth with Eseye’s AnyNet Gold SIM


The Internet of Things (IoT) has dramatically shifted business models and disrupted numerous markets, but in terms of global connectivity management solutions, it has fallen short.

Enterprises across Africa are currently being held back due to poor coverage, network outages and industry complexity. This couldn’t come at a worse time, as global growth rates are the slowest they have been since 2009.

To address this, Eseye has been causing a RIoT (Revolutionise IoT) within the global connectivity market with its AnyNet Gold SIM. Africa’s first true multi-IMSI SIM card, offering one SIM for multiple countries to simplify logistics, a private APN infrastructure for enhanced security and higher connectivity uptime compared to single IMSI solutions.
Earlier this year, Eseye announced its intent to RIoT by providing customers with its simple managed connectivity solution, the AnyNet Gold SIM. This solution provides routing across multiple networks to ensure continuous service while also resolving challenges around security and reliability in both local and global deployments.

Stephen Stewart, Africa Regional Director of Eseye, said that for successful global IoT deployments, “Units need to be operational 100 per cent of the time, without the concerns or barriers to doing business caused by data, management, or support.

“Eseye supports MNOs to remove connectivity complexities, no matter where the customers are in the world, as this is essential to growth.”

A recent study conducted by James Brehm & Associates supports Stephen’s comment, finding that 73 per cent of enterprises are either experimenting with or implementing IoT solutions, but connectivity and interoperability are making global scalability a challenge.

Additionally, there is a common misconception that simply adding a SIM card will enable IoT innovation to operate like a mobile device, however this line of thinking can be time consuming and complex. As a result, many IoT solution providers have in the past turned to MNO SIM cards, relying on these MNOs or the service providers for granular details on device behaviour that simply haven’t been available.

However, Eseye’s AnyNet Gold SIM is making these barriers a thing of the past.

Eseye’s main focus is to normalise the behaviour of IoT devices the world over, making IoT deployments easier and more predictable. These capabilities have proved to be pivotal in enabling Eseye to establish the largest global footprint of any non-mobile network operator, allowing the company to respond to growing client demand across developed, developing and emerging markets all over the world.
Source: Press Release