Konga is not shutting down – management

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Konga.com is not shutting down, according to the management of the ecommerce platform. Responding to rumors that the company planned to shut down its website for five days to test its mobile capabilities, the management said the rumors were false as it had no intentions of shutting its website down without properly informing the general public.

“It has come to our notice that some websites have published reports saying that Konga is shutting down its website for 5 days to test its mobile capabilities.  These reports are untrue as Konga never sent out any information concerning this neither will it be shutting down any of its platforms for testing purpose,” Konga stated.

“Konga shoppers can currently access Konga through the website, mobile web and the Konga app. These three platforms have been tested over time and are currently being used daily by customers for transactions and will always be available for customers to shop depending on their preference and convenience.”
Source: Jolly Boss 19 May 2016