Chad: O3b, Presta Bist Demonstrate High Performance, Cost Effective 4G/LTE Solution for the Sahel


O3b Networks, in partnership with Presta Bist, has proven via live demonstration that its satellite enabled services deliver crystal clear voice, live HD video and high speed downloads. The live Demo Day event held in the Republic of Chad tested link speed, video streaming, file download, interactive maps, file upload and web page loading. The outcome was that O3b services performed at 5X the speed and clarity of a traditional geostationary satellite service and comparable to a fiber connection.

O3b operates a global constellation of 12 satellites and a robust ground infrastructure to deliver high throughput in 23 locations in Africa. O3b Networks is the fastest growing satellite operator in history, enabling over 40 customers around the world to bring high performance connections to unconnected remote or offshore areas, accelerate the deployment of 3G/4G or enhance fiber reliability. O3b has recently completed funding for an additional eight satellites currently in production in Europe, half of which are expected to be launched at the end of 2017.

Source: Company Press Release, may 2016.

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