Fibre Optic: Surburban Debuts Legend Internet, Voice Calls


Suburban Communications through its subsidiary, Legend, an exclusive multi-media service based in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, has announced the introduction of a premium entertainment service to residential homes, with a movie-theatre picture quality, unlimited internet, and high-definition phone calls, in one package, tagged Legend.

Chief Executive Officer, Surburban, Bruce Ayonote, said these three service offerings are powered by new fibre optic technology and come under one package bouquet, which means that customers can enjoy the convenience of paying for all three products for one price.

Ayonote said, “Based on our deep understanding of current and emerging technologies in ICT designed to make life easier and better for customers, we have harnessed fibre optic infrastructure to come up with the technology innovation that we call Legend; with service offerings that are unique and new to the Nigerian marketplace.

“With our rich bouquet of services that comprises premium HD TV content, unlimited internet access, crystal clear phone call services and home automation and security; we believe that subscribers will discover that Legend is a better way to live because Nigerians deserve a service that works.”
Source: Leadership 5 June 2016