Registration of subscribers: towards an encore in Benin?


(Ecofin Agency) – In Benin, mobile subscribers may need to re-register their numbers with operators. This is according to the website of the Broadcasting Authority and the Benin TV (ORTB) which quotes the source as the interior minister Sacca Lafia (photo).

According to the official, speaking on the Frisson Radio airwaves, the executive is considering a package of measures for the use of the GSM in the fight against insecurity.

Thus, the recording process previously performed will be enriched with a collection of fingerprints and photographs of the owners of sim cards. The manoeuvre, which would aim to limit purchases of several sim by one person, seems to contradict the idea of requiring a SIM card service, which will force users to “have a single SIM card for calls, another to the internet, and if they make mobile payments, they will have it for another specific SIM card.”

The minors have not been forgotten as “may also have a sim card on parental consent.” Meanwhile many are already wondering about the practical details of such measures which, if adopted, certainly would mark a break with the simplicity with which Beninese users were previously accustomed.
Source : Moloko Projects