New Software to Ease Clearance of Goods between Kenya and Uganda


It will now be easier to process clearance transit goods destined to Uganda from Kenya following development of software that enables the revenue authorities of the two countries to share information instantly.

United States development agency USAID and the East and Central Africa Global Competitiveness Hub (ECA Hub) have developed a platform known as Revenue Authorities and Digital Data Exchange (RADDEX) that will among other things increase the risk assessment of the goods on transit.

It will also help to increase transparency, accuracy in goods verification and enhance overall efficiency including avoidance of duplicate data capture at border posts.

The system will reduce clearing goods to a maximum of six hours instead of six days as has been the case. Clearing agents will also have access to RADDEX, which they will use to download forms and paperwork concerning their transactions so they are in position to clear their goods in hours instead of days.

"RADDEX solution enables customs data to be communicated instantly from point of transit origin, through all points of transit, to the point of destination," said Njoki Mungai, public relation co-ordinator for the ECA Trade Hub.

This data exchange is expected to reduce customs clearance time and overall transport time with direct benefits to the larger eastern Africa region.

Although initial focus is on Kenya and Uganda, the web enabled software solution will be extended to any border countries and along any major transport routes such as the Northern, Central and Southern Corridors.

Business Daily