Sonatel tests free public Wi-Fi


Senegalese incumbent telco Sonatel, 42.3%-owned by France’s Orange Group, has launched a free public Wi-Fi trial network in Rufisque in the Dakar region of western Senegal. Pending the outcome of tests, the operator’s newly christened ‘WiFiZone’ project is expected to be expanded in the coming weeks to the municipalities of Parcelles Assainies and Sacre Coeur/Mermoz.

The telco says that it will handle the installation of equipment (i.e. router, access point, ADSL, switch), maintenance of the hotspot, authentication connections and their settings. ‘This facility will benefit the citizens of a broadband internet connection in public places and crowded places,’ Sonatel said in a statement.

It added: ‘The implementation of digital public services centres by Sonatel will complement the offerings of value added services available to local communities with Sonatel Senegal WiFiZone.’
Source: Telegeography 5 August 2016