Africa: Ericsson Targets Tanzania for investment

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Dar es Salaam — Ericsson is considering to invest an unspecified amount in various sectors of Tanzania.

It is looking up to sectors of transport, energy, technology, finance and public safety and security, according to sub-Saharan Africa head of government and industry relations, Mr Shiletsi Makhofane.

The Sweden-based firm specializes in software and infrastructure in ICT for telecommunications operators, traditional telecommunications and Internet Protocol (IP) networking equipment, mobile and fixed broadband, operations and business support services and cable television among others. Without detailing what the company wants to do in Tanzania in the coming few years in fear that the information would be used to the benefit of competitors, Mr Makhofane told The Citizen that Ericsson plans to partner with government and local mobile network providers to offer solution on the sectors in question.

"The doors are open for partnership... we need to partner with local mobile network providers so that we could address some challenges facing the said sectors," he told The Citizen on sidelines of last week's GSMA Mobile 360-Africa Conference in Dar es Salaam.

From transport point of view, he said, the idea is to bring an integrated system that will allow an individual to know and track the movement of vehicles.

It will help businesses in ascertaining the exact number of buses to supply on any given route.

Similarly, he said, his company was looking towards supplying an ICT-based solution to energy leakages.

"If you automate the grid, it would be possible to monitor sub-section through video thereby providing no chance for outflow of power," he said.

On the technology front, he said, the company was willing to bring its Nuvu platform system which enables subscribers download television and video related content directly to their smartphones.

"We have no doubt seeing a shift in the way people consume television and video content and the demand for flexibility and reliability will influence operator strategies," he stressed.

Regarding public safety and security, he said, with its solutions, it would be easy for the authorities to act swiftly whenever an accident occurs.
Source: The Citizen