Nigeria: Firm Introduces 'Free' Airtime APP for Android Users

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Kirusa, an Information Technology company that provides telecoms and social media solutions, has introduced 'myGenie', a free airtime app for prepaid Android users in Nigeria.

The myGenie app allows Android users to explore and download new and popularAndroid apps.

myGenie users are rewarded with free airtime credits for downloading, installing and using the Android apps.

According to Kirusa, they can use the free credits to recharge their mobile numbers or gift the airtime credits to their friends and family.

"What's more is that myGenie also provides free airtime credits when a user invites their friends to the app, and when their friends start downloading apps via myGenie," the firm said.

According to it, the apps that can be downloaded through myGenie range from games through dating to local utility apps.

Some of the apps available on myGenie at the time of launch include InstaVoice, 474Recharge, Zamba Caller, APUS Launcher, Super B Clearer, BBM, UC Browser, and more.

Speaking on the occasion, The Head, Financial Inclusion, African Development Bank, Robert Masumbuko, said, "We are excited about myGenie app being launched in Nigeria. African mobile app developers will now have the opportunity to reach out to a wider audience and get assured usage of their apps. It will also influence app usage market, thereby opening doors for fresh investments in this sector."
Source: The Guardian 20 July 2016