House Committee Threatens to Revoke MTN's Licence in Nigeria


House of Representatives Committee on Communication, last week in Abuja, threatened to recommend revocation of MTN's operational licence over poor service.

Briefing newsmen, Jerry Mamwe, Chairman of the Committee, said MTN had been given three weeks within which to improve its services or have its licence revoked.

Mamwe said the committee had directed MTN to suspend sales of its SIM cards to customers, pending when it improves its roll out capacity, adding that the decision was informed by its refusal to improve its services, in spite of the committee's several official and informal appeals.

"While we must agree that GSM operators have enjoyed the benefit of time, the customers have continued to suffer poor services rendered by MTN to be specific," he said. According to him, MTN account for 85 per cent of poor telecommunication services to customers in the country, which was unacceptable to the committee.

The committee also directed the National Communication Commission (NCC), to ensure compliance with the directives. He also said the issue of co-location among GSM service providers is a must, since the NCC Act made provision for it.

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