Mobile Phone Companies rush to Lower Their Charges in Guinea


Mobile phone companies operating in Guinea have, since last week, reduced their tariffs. As of last week, calls will be charged per second by the various operators, particularly 5 Guinean francs per second (US0.12 cents). This reduction results from the cut-throat competition between the three main operators, namely the Guinean Telecommunication Company (Sotelgui), Areeba, now owned by MTN, and the Intercel Company.

Before the tariff reduction, the companies had respectively reduced the price of phone chips from an average of 60,000 (about 7500 CFA) to 15,000 (1,800 CFA) and 10,000 FG (1,250 CFA) for Intercel. Areeba now charges 400 FG (US10 cents) for a 1-min call, while Sotelgui and Intercel are charging 300 FG US7 cents) for the same time.

"These successive reductions can be explained by the announcement of the oncoming operation of Orange, which should officially start off its activities by November", an official from the management of Sotelgui disclosed under the cover of anonymity.