IBM opens research lab in South Africa


IBM has opened a research laboratory in Johannesburg to focus on areas of data-based healthcare, digital urbanecosystems and astronomy.

The new lab, based at the University of the Witwatersrand, is the company’s second research lab in Africa.

The lab employs researchers in a variety of disciplines including math, robotics, genomics, computational biology, machine learning and computer science.

It was built through IBM’s 10-year investment programme with the South African trade industry department and partnership with the country’s science and technology department.

IBM said its scientists will use their expertise to help address some of South Africa’s health care concerns such as outbreaks of communicable diseases and cancer prevention using data and computing.

Solom Assefa, director of IBM Research said: “South Africa is a tremendous growth and transformation story, yet its increasing population and healthcare delivery shortfalls continue to pose challenges in the country.

“With the ability to detect patterns and discover new correlations, cognitive and cloud computing and the internet of things can provide potential solutions.”

The lab features a three-dimensional printer, electronic design equipment and an OpenStak-based infrastructure-as-a-service platform that is designed to manage up to 80 terabytes of research data.

IBM opened its first African research lab in Nairobi in 2013.
Source: African Business Network