SA’s Digital Geekaship looking for next generation of developers

Tania van Wyk De Vries, founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of South African software development and training company Infoware Studios, launched Digital Geekaship in 2014, frustrated by the level of technical skills of students coming out of tertiary institutions.

“The gap we’ve experienced in the market is the knowledge and skill level of the IT graduates coming out of tertiary institutions and what businesses require from young tech upstarts embarking on their future of work,” she told Disrupt Africa.

“This skills gap is widening and we need to work with all the stakeholders in this value chain to improve the quality of education, access to skills, awareness of tech as a work choice and help businesses innovate and iterate faster with having the right people at the right skill level.”

Another goal of Digital Geekaship is to reverse the outsourcing trend to countries such as India.

“Not only is it good for job creation, it shows a commitment to developing local talent which ultimately uplifts whole communities and has a positive effect on the economy,” van Wyk De Vries said.

Digital Geekaship is an annual internship programme designed to fast track the growth path of graduates by upskilling them on the latest technologies, methodologies and soft skills, enabling them to work on real-world development projects and connecting them to potential employers.

Applications for the 2017 programme are open now to all graduates until October 30, with successful applicants to gain access to a free programme covering agile software development using the Scrum methodology., technical software development skills, end-to-end manual functional testing and business analysis. To apply click here: