Internet News - In Brief


- Nigeria may have agreed to assist Venezuela Republic in the attempt to launch its satellite. This follows a request made by Venezuela to Nigeria about its on-going Satellite project scheduled to be launched next year in China.

- According to General Manager Azzedine Oussedik of the Algerian Space Agency (ASA), the Algerian satellite Alsat-2A will be launched late 2008 while Alsat-2B launch is planned by late 2009. The Alsat-2 programme, "which is progressing well," contains the construction, in partnership with the ASA, of these two Earth watch high resolution satellites.

- Nigerian carrier Globacom has announced that its Glo-1 submarine cable linking Nigeria to the United Kingdom is nearing completion. The submarine cable has been laid from the United Kingdom to Senegal and that now the final phase of the installation would begin. The installation will begin in Lagos, Nigeria, and proceed north to meet the cable in Senegal.

- The Internet penetration level in the Maghreb is estimated at 2.5% according to an expert from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). "Internet penetration level is estimated at 5.33% in Algeria, 3.62% in Libya, 14.36% in Morocco, 3.46% in Tunisia and 0.47 % in Mauritania", asserted Dr Najat Rochdi at a communication on ICT development of the Maghreb region, presented in Algiers at the international conference on the training in ICT.

- Angola Telecom has announced that it finished repairing its connection to the fibre cable SAT3 which was damaged a couple a week ago by a construction company.

- 300 higher education institutions in Tunisia will see their Internet bandwidth increased in the next coming months. The total bandwidth will go up from the current 100 Mbps to 1.5 Gbps.