Free airtime start-up Sliide expands to SA

Digital Content

Sliide, a start-up that serves targeted sponsored content and advertising to users’ smartphone lock screens, is expanding from its initial market of Nigeria to South Africa, promising users free data for installing its application on their devices.

When a user unlocks their device with the app installed, it provides two “relevant” items of news in a “very light data format”. They are also served an advertisement, with Sliide taking 70% of the revenue, which it then uses to buy bulk data from operators to provide free (albeit limited) Internet access to consumers.

The app tells users how much money they’ve earned. They can press a “cash-out” button to receive airtime, which is then automatically loaded by the network operator partner.

“Users can also load extra airtime, for example through the banks. A bank might want to get their app on everyone’s phone, so it might give users free airtime for downloading it,” explained co-founder and CEO Corbyn Munnik, who describes the app as a “cross between Flipboard and Facebook Free Basics”. Read the full article in TechCentral here: