South Africa's iConnect launches Business WiFi Calling


South Africa's iConnect Voice has launched Business WiFi Calling to enable subscribers to receive even more value from their VoIP service, reports IT-Online. The Wi-Fi service for voice calls enables users to make and receive calls over any data network, using their mobile smartphone and iConnect’s softphone app. This turns their smartphone into a desktop phone extension to their PABX system.

CEO Calvin Collett says the app allows people to extend their voice network to virtually anywhere, using their smartphone. Collett says that the Business WiFi Calling means that people can work from anywhere and still be reachable on their work extension, but using their mobile phone.

Not only does this enable a mobile workforce, but it can reduce phone charges drastically as fewer calls are made across mobile networks. The app is free to download and, certain SIM cards could potentially help save on voice minutes as calls made over the app use data, says Collett. Although called ‘WiFi Calling’, calls can also be made over any other data network, such as a mobile data network or pay-as-you-use Wi-Fi network. While not a new concept, iConnect’s WiFi Calling is uniquely positioned as a business tool to enable ‘always on’ communications.

According to Collett, iConnect has been trialling the app for over two-and-a-half years and it already has several very happy customers using the service successfully. The app can be downloaded by any iConnect subscriber for free to any smartphone. Once downloaded, it requires a simple log-in via username and password or by scanning a QR code. It automatically synchronises with the phone’s existing contacts and is ready for use within minutes.