Ethiopia: Ethio Telecom Outsources Credit Card Service

Money Transfer

Ethio telecom has signed a contract agreement with two global companies to introduce a mobile credit card service for its clients. The companies to have been contracted the project are yet to be disclosed. The company claims it has shifted its attention towards quality and providing different new services to its clients.

When the arrangement becomes effective, the connection of the mobile users will not be interrupted due to insufficient balance, according to ethio telecom. Customers can keep using the service even if their balance runs out, and will be charged later when they top up their accounts.

The screening of efficient foreign telecoms companies to provide the service has been carried out and now the agreements have been signed. The service is expected to begin at the start of the Ethiopian New Year.

Ethio telecom is the sole telecom service provider in Ethiopia. A mobile credit card service system has proved successful in many other countries.

Ethio telecom's net income reached 28 billion Br in the last fiscal year - 30 pc higher than the last budget year. The monopoly gets 70pc of its income from mobile services and has more than 47 million subscribers.

Source: All Africa 13 September 2016