Nigeria: ‘Big Four’ telcos battle for more mobile data clicks


As Nigeria’s Big Four battle for mobile data users, Success Kafoi of Technology Times reviews shifting sales from voice minutes to Internet packages

The race among the Big Four mobile phone companies for more mobile Internet users has already kicked off with shifting marketing away from voice minutes to competitive data package offerings.

With the withdrawal of the price restriction, the telecommunications industry now has the permission of NCC, the telecoms industry regulator, to charge subscribers lower than the set lowest industry prices. Before then, there was a limit to how low Internet Service Providers(ISP) could go in fixing their prices.

MTN Nigeria, Glo Mobile, Airtel Nigeria and Etisalat Nigeria, the four biggest mobile phone companies in the country are now dangling tempting offers of mobile data service that make many market watchers wonder whether this will last or just stints of promotion to gain a few more subscribers.

More questions then came up. What would be the impact of this drop on the telecoms companies’ bottom line? If these companies still make as much revenue to keep them in business and maintain same and better service quality standards, why did it take them this long before making data plans this affordable?

It may not be out of place to partly attribute the removal of data floor price by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), the telecoms industry regulator, as one reason for the falling data plan price in the country.

But the reality is that the falling data prices has more to do with the fight for bigger share of the subscribers’ wallets. Read the full article here in Technology Times: