The DA today launches a petition against the #CensorshipBill - the Films and Publications Amendment Bill

Digital Content

Through the #CensorshipBill, in its current form, government will be able control what videos social media users post on the internet, monitor what South Africans are watching and take down content is deems undesirable.

It does this by forcing all social media users to register with the FPB and pay before uploading videos; placing all viewers of X18-rated content on a list which government will have access to; and giving power to the FPB to take down content on websites without first seeking a court order.

The DA now calls on members of the public to add their voice in objecting to the bill in its current form.

We encourage all to sign the petition which will be presented to the Portfolio Committee on Communications when it resumes deliberations on the #CensorshipBill in October.

The DA will do everything in its powers to stop this bill in its tracks.

We value a South Africa where every person, including the media, has the right to freedom of expression and has the power to receive and impart information unhindered, and within the boundaries of the law.

Source: Democratic Alliance South Africa (Cape Town) Press Release