Nigeria posts growth of Internet domain names


Uptake of Nigeria’s Internet domain names have continued to rise totalling over 33,000 at August this year, according to the nation’s online real estate managers.

The Nigerian Internet Registration Association (NIRA) says with the registration of 3,007 new domain names, 1,567 renewals and 11 domain name transfers in August 2016, the total domain name registrations and transfers under the .ng platform from January to August 2016 now numbers 33,191.

NIRA says in a recent media post that domain name registration under .ng, the country-code domain name system for Nigeria, has continued to witness steady improvement, noting that the domain names registered in August 2016 is more than double the registrations in August 2014 and far more than the registration in August 2015.

According to NIRA, Nigerians have proven to be patriotic and willing to adapt in the adoption of the .ng brand, noting that from January to August 2016, there were a total of 20,816 fresh domain registrations and 12,375 domain renewals, making a total of 33,191 domain names. Read the full article in Technology Times here: