Internet News - In Brief


- Leased line prices have gone down in the SAFE fibre cable connecting Mauritius. A full circuit link of 2MB from Mauritius to Paris has been reduced by 20% from R260,900 (USD 7,900) to R 207 900 (USD 6,300).

- South Africa’s mobile operator MTN which recently announced that it is investing in its own fiber network, has reported significant infrastructure development in Sandton and Rosebank. MTN’s associated product, MTN FibreConnect, will be employed in specific metro areas to provide clients with ‘high density coverage’.

- Gabonese company IBN Corporate which specialises in real time distribution of economic and financial data across Africa has signed up with Redline Communications to provide infrastructure for the expansion of WiMAX services in Gabon. IBN Corporate launched WiMAX services for businesses and residents in Libreville in late April, and plans to extend its network to Port-Gentil and Franceville in October 2007 and January 2008 respectively.

- The East Africa Submarine System (EASSy) undersea cable network has secured USD30 million of funding which completes its financing. The 27 member companies and seven international financial institutions which make up the EASSy project have committed USD205 million towards the projected overall cost of USD235 million.

- The League for the Defence of the Consumer in Benin (LDCB) is happy to announce that its new website is now online. It is available on the address The site has been realised after our collaboration with two French students from the INT (Institut National des Télécommunications).

- The Mediterranean Federation of the Internet Associations has been created last week in Tunisia. The new organisation, based in Tunis will be headed by Aziz Hilali, the current President of the Internet Association in Morocco.