Uganda: Internet Providers Divided Over Licenses to New Players

7 October 2016


With numbers of internet service providers (ISP) and mobile network operators (MNO) increasing every day, some companies are feeling the pressure from the competition and have come out openly to ask the Uganda Communications Commission to stop issuing out new licenses.

Roger Sekazira, the chief executive officer of Roke Telecom, the company that partnered Google to offer cheaper internet services in Kampala and some surrounding areas, said the sector was growing but had been monopolized by a few players, leaving other smaller players struggling to survive.

"We know that the numbers of smartphone users are increasing, but the Internet penetration is only at 37 per cent. We know that there are many companies that have not grown because of competition," he said.

Sekazira added: "What we are asking is that the regulator (UCC) reduces the number of players; government should consolidate what already exists other than giving new licenses if we are to grow." He made this call while addressing different telecom companies and internet service providers at the Capacity Africa 2016 conference held in Kampala recently.

Capacity Africa is a conference that brings together more than 500 policymakers and stakeholders from around the world and over 180 companies that specialize in internet services provision (ISP). Read the full story here:

Source: The Observer 5 October 2016