Can big data offer hope for Africa’s exasperated commuters?

7 October 2016


Zuhura Wangara lives just outside Nairobi and, on a good day, spends at least five hours commuting. She uses a combination of buses and between four and six matatus – publicly operated shared minibus taxis – to get from her home in Kiambu to her workplace at the city’s southern limits.

“After work the same routine applies. I leave work around 5pm. I get to town, walk to our bus terminal, and get another ride home,” she says. “I get home from 8pm onwards depending on traffic and the hours we have to wait.”

It is a problem faced by millions in the Kenyan capital, where 3 million people and 400,000 vehicles are moving around the city every day. Wangara has given up hope that her journey will ever become easier.

Counting the cost

South African company WhereIsMyTransport, however, is working on a solution. The tech company has already built a platform providing formal transport information for South African cities like Johannesburg, Tshwane, Cape Town and Durban, as well as Cairo’s Metro. Read the full article on The Guardian here:

Source: The Guardian 7 October 2016