Uber sees potential for food delivery services in Africa, starting with Joburg

7 October 2016

Digital Content

Uber has branched out into food delivery in Johannesburg with the launch of its UberEATS app. The global company hopes to use the service to learn more about the potential for other logistics solutions in the South African market.

“I think in terms of logistics there is an incredible opportunity for Uber,” says David Kitley, the company’s operations and logistics manager for sub-Saharan Africa.

“We have launched UberRUSH – our logistics platform – in a number of international cities, off the back of a successful UberEATS launch. So we are going to be using UberEATS as that first test case in Johannesburg to better understand the market, what consumers are looking for, as well as logistics. And then we can start looking at what we can complement.”

At the moment UberEATS has about 85 restaurants signed up in Johannesburg’s northern suburbs and – while it is a separate app to its traditional taxi-hailing service – it taps into its existing driver base who can now earn additional revenue through food delivery. It is also experimenting with drivers who have two-wheel vehicles and are looking for additional income. Read the full article on How we Made it in Africa here:

Source: How we Made it in Africa 4 October 2016