SatADSL Participates in the ECO Project with Avanti Communications and ESA

14 October 2016


LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--SatADSL proudly announces its participation in the public-private partnership between the European Space Agency (“ESA”) and leading provider of satellite data communications services, Avanti Communications (“Avanti”), for deployment of the ECO initiative. ECO, developed by Avanti and part of ESA’s ARTES partner programme, will deliver affordable wireless connectivity to 1,400 community sites across Sub-Saharan Africa using a new Wi-Fi hotspot service over the next two years. The solar-powered Wi-Fi hotspots will be hosted at schools which will in turn benefit from the subsidised broadband access.

 SatADSL’s involvement in the ECO project focuses on deploying the hotspot terminal infrastructure, based on technology provider Newtec’s Dialog platform, and improving its services in Sub-Saharan Africa by optimising the infrastructure for High Throughput Satellites (HTS). SatADSL will additionally expand its current range of services in Africa, rolling out its e-learning solution, piloted in Ghana. Together with its current commercial partners in Ghana, SatADSL will manage a pilot phase of the service consisting of more than a hundred schools being equipped through the project. SatADSL will deliver ECO services in specific verticals, including Cyber Cafes, through a number of partners. To access the Internet connectivity, users within range of the Wi-Fi hotspot, will be able to buy broadband credits via an e-Commerce web page, paying through mobile money.


Under the new partnership, ESA will contribute up to €10.7 million in funding that Avanti, Newtec and SatADSL will use to bring rural communities across Sub-Saharan Africa online with the advanced new technology platform.

Source: Business Wire 10 October 2016