Vox Telecom launches Fat Pipe Wireless

28 October 2016


Vox Telecom has launched Fat Pipe Wireless, an uncapped wireless data and voice service for homeowners and small businesses.

Fat Pipe Wireless for Home provides an uncapped, symmetrical, and high-speed data service that is suitable for homes and small offices, and is bundled with an uncapped voice service.

Vox conducted two proof of concepts, one in Heidelberg (to test the service in a smaller town) and the other in Krugersdorp (a larger metro), and has gone on to establish broader availability of the service.

The company believes its wireless broadband solution is a viable alternative to fibre, especially in regions of the country outside of major metros.

Vox’s Fat Pipe Wireless pricing starts at R599 for an uncapped 4Mbps service, and increases to R799 for a 10Mbps service.

Source: MyBroadband 26 October 2016