Saxonwold Shebeen: South Africa’s hilarious new meme

11 November 2016

Digital Content

Forget the med- and edtech industries. You know what’s a real disruptive force on the internet at the moment? Shebeens. Specifically, shebeens in Saxonwold.

After the State Capture report revealed that Eskom CEO Brian Molefe spent quite a few nights in close proximity to the Gupta’s residence in Saxonwold, Johannesburg, Molefe suggested he may or may not have been visiting a nearby shebeen. Eskom, in a tweet to Memeburn, explained that it was in fact one of Molefe’s colleagues who mentioned this.

Regardless though, Twitter quickly latched onto the notion of a shebeen, and did not let go.

The hashtag #SaxonwoldShebeen began trending on South African Twitter late Thursday, and is still being used by the network’s users at present. Granted, tweets have since slowed, but where hashtags fade, specific Twitter accounts seem to rise.

One such account is @StateShebeen. With over 1900 followers and around 300 tweets to its name, it’s the most popular shebeen spoof account in South Africa at present.

Also, largely thanks to some quite hilarious tweets. Read the full article on Memeburn here :