Airtel Nigeria enhances smartconnect package

18 November 2016


Airtel Nigeria has rejigged its Smart Connect package, specifically designed to give new customers six times the value on every recharge to include a family and friends feature, reports Vanguard. To enjoy the family and friends bonuses on every recharge, customers need to add up to four Airtel numbers as Family & Friends, by dialing *311*2*Airtel Number#. To enjoy the free social bonus on every recharge, customers need to install Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook and BBM on their phones.

SmartConnect is Airtel’s premium default bonus plan specifically designed for new prepaid customers. Once a customer buys a new Sim, registers and inserts it in a device, they will enjoy the six times bonus in addition to other bonuses on every recharge of NGN 100 and above. When a customer recharges with NGN 100, they will get NGN100 into their main account and receive a bonus of NGN 250 for voice calls to all networks, NGN 250 for data (50MB), with an additional NGN 100 airtime to call family & friends, and an extra bonus of NGN 100 for Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook and BBM, which makes a total of NGN 800 airtime on every NGN100 recharge.

A recharge of NGN 1000 gives NGN 2,500 bonus for calls to all networks, another NGN 2,500 bonus for data (500MB) and NGN1000 airtime for calls to family & friends. Customers will also receive extra NGN 1000 airtime for access to social media. According to Airtel, airtime in the main account will remain valid until exhausted while all bonuses have seven-day validity. Customers can roll over all bonuses as long as they recharge within seven days else all unused bonuses will be lost. Customers can dial *126*PIN# to recharge and dial*123# to check account balance.

Source: Business Ghana 16 November 2016