Nigeria: Country domain registrations tops 3,000


Number of Internet registration in the country grows to about 3,000, the Internet Registration Association (NiRA) has said.Nigeria got the authority to operate its own domain registration body early this year at a formal hand over of the domain registration by Randy Bush former Internet registration agent for Nigeria to the management of the Nigerian Internet Registration Association.

Just within few days with its existence the association said the number of domain names in the country in now over 3,000, the chairperson of NiRA and chief executive of Amsco Telecom Limited, Ndukwe Kalu made this disclosure in Lagos in conversation, and said that this figure is expected to reach 1 million in the next 24 months. He noted that before the coming of NiRA management team in May this year, the number of domain names in the country was less than 1,000.

Daily Trust