Internet News - In Brief


- South Africa’s Unwired magazine has changed its name to Digital Life to avoid confusion that it is about wireless applications.

- The Ivorian Group SIFCA has decided to pull out of the ISP business and has sold is subsidiary Comète to another ISP, AFNET.

- Thousands of fake cheques worth some $16.2m have been seized in an attack on international e-mail scams. The cheques, offered as prizes in exchange for a fee and destined for the UK, were recovered in Nigeria by the Serious Organised Crime Agency (Soca). The month-long investigation into the fraud uncovered more than 4,500 forged and fraudulent documents. UK officials are working with agencies in the USA, Holland, Spain and Canada to tackle "mass marketing fraud". A handful of people have been arrested in the UK with almost 70 more held overseas.