Huawei and Orange open network operation centers in Africa

2 December 2016


Telecom giants Huawei and Orange inaugurated a Global Network Operation Center (GNOC) with sites in Dakar, Senegal and Abidjan, Cete d’Ivoire.

Part of a five-year managed services project begun in 2015, the GNOC covers nine countries in Africa including Cote d’Ivoire, Senegal, Cameroon, and Guinea Bissau.

GNOC, a part of the network transformation of Orange networks in Africa, brings all core network activities and service platforms together, within a common supervision center. GNOC is expected to guarantee optimal network quality, a unique customer experience and improve operational performance. The GNOC is located in two sites: Abidjan and Dakar.

In Africa, where many telecom network operators have outsourced operation of their networks, implementation of the GNOC was entrusted to Huawei.

Orange Africa aims at strengthening its competitiveness. The approach of this transformation project responds to a major tendency of the telecommunications sector in Africa, which sees most operators pooling the supervision of their networks. Complex technologies and the competitive markets require telecom companies to adopt new business models to improve operational efficiency.

The GNOC, is a major component of the project called ANO (AMEA Network optimization), and is the common center for network supervision with the pooling of core network operations teams. The aim of GNOC is to achieve a more competitive and efficient organization for an incomparable customer experience in the face of growing customer demands.

The aim of the transformation project is to pool the operations of the entire core of the Networks and Services Platforms.

Source: Telecomlead 28 November 2016