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- The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has said it expects there to be some 40,000 GSM base stations in the country by 2010, along with around 10,000 CDMA towers. At the moment, there are approximately 10,000 GSM towers and 2,000 CDMA stations.

- From 28 September, Namibia’s MTC has been offering a new Class of Service (CoS) on Tango called Tango Special Rate. It will offer Free SMS from MTC-to-MTC numbers all day on Fridays. Any SMS’s to other networks will still be charged at N$0.40. The mechanism is that any Tango customer must call 134 and select Tango Special Rate to be migrated to this CoS. There is no charge to move to this rate plan. All other aspects of the new rate plan are based on Tango Day / Night. This means that customers migrating from Tango Standard will also receive better call rates. When the promotion expires on 30 November, customers will remain on this rate plan until or when if they decide to move again. It has also waived all migration costs between packages. This means that the N$5 charge no longer applies between any of the new Classes of Service (Tango Standard, Tango Per Second, Tango Day / Night and Tango Special Rate).

- Celtel Nigeria's subscribers' base has leapt from six and half million to 10 million within one year of operating under the Celtel brand.

- The caller line identification (CLI) between MTN Rwanda and Rwandatel is now operational. For years, an MTN number could not be transferred to a Rwandatel mobile phone in what the operators describe as 'technical difficulties', stemming from the different natures of technologies used by both companies.

- Safaricom is in talks with mobile phone operators in South Africa and Mozambique that will allow its subscribers to use the service while in those countries without having to pay fees applicable to international calls.