Link Africa partners with New Telco SA

9 December 2016


Midrand is one of the fastest-growing economic and residential hubs in SA, and the demand for connectivity is vast, says New Telco SA. Metro fibre provider Link Africa and New Telco SA have partnered to roll out a fibre network in Midrand.

Link Africa will make use of New Telco SA's Midrand carrier neutral data centre as a termination point onto their fibre ring for all Midrand fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) and fibre-to-the-business customers.

"We are excited to be a part of Link Africa's expanding network as a breakout point for any Link Africa fibre client in Midrand," says Eckart Zollner, head of new business development at New Telco SA.

"The fact that our data centre is carrier neutral means that not only will any Link Africa FTTH or FTTB subscriber in Midrand have access to all major Internet service providers and services in SA, but it is also attractive for the many service providers who terminate at our data centre, giving them a platform from which to access new business.

"Midrand is one of the fastest-growing economic and residential hubs in South Africa, and the demand for connectivity is vast. We have ensured that Link Africa is provided with sufficient opportunity for future growth."

Andre Hoffmann, manager for special projects at Link Africa, says New Telco SA's provides Link Africa a breakout point to reach almost the entire Midrand area. "The data centre offers all the benefits we look for in a data centre – good security, excellent cable management and maintenance standards, great uptime and availability, and peace of mind when it comes to power supply – an especially key point in a country not well known for its reliable electricity delivery.

"New Telco has an outstanding reputation in the market and that, coupled with the fact that their carrier neutral nature enables interconnections with a wide range of reputable service providers for our customers, makes them an ideal partner for our fibre network, and is why the Midrand New Telco data centre will form part of our core network ring," he adds.

The fibre rollout in Midrand has already commenced.

Source: ITWeb 1 December 2016