China Telecom Global to expand from Djibouti data centre

9 December 2016


China Telecom Global (CTG), the international operating subsidiary of China Telecom, has selected the Djibouti Data Centre (DDC) to help facilitate network expansion, co-location and submarine fibre cable access services in East Africa. The Djibouti Data Centre has been built to Tier III data centre standards and serves as a major meeting point for cable systems including the new Southeast Asia-Middle East-Western Europe (SEA-ME-WE 5) submarine line designed to connect Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Western Europe.

The SEA-ME-WE 5 will span approximately 20,000 kms and employ 100 Gbps technology, with initial system capacity of 24 terabits to provide customers with low latency and direct connectivity. It will further enhance the diversity and agility in the growing demand for Asia, Africa, Middle East and Western Europe routes around the world.

The system is designed as a multiregional super highway, and will connect Djibouti with China, via eighteen landing points located in Singapore, Pakistan, UAE, Oman, Egypt, Italy, France and so on. The DDC is uniquely positioned in East Africa and will enable China Telecom Global to establish cross-connect and co-location facilities directly adjacent to Djibouti Telecom's cable landing stations. In addition to supporting SEA-ME-WE 5 in the near future, the DDC provides access to fibre cable systems such as AAE 1, EIG, EASSy, Aden-Djibouti and Ethiopia-Djibouti.

Source: Telecompaper 6 December 2016