6 January 2017


Get your innovation showcased by UNESCO

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) has extended the submission period for its Closer to People campaign, which seeks to identify the world’s top tech and science innovators.

The Closer to People campaign hopes to crowdsource the world’s most innovative projects in the areas of transport and mobility; IoT and IoE; virtual reality; communication technologies; electronics; fintech; life sciences and healthcare; energy and fuels; new materials and manufacturing; and security.

250 projects from around the world will be selected for publication on the Closer to People portal, following which a three-month campaign will see the projects promoted across the world via a series of digital events.

In this way, selected projects will be showcased directly to over two million members, comprised of industry organisations, chambers of commerce, investors, accelerators, and more.

“The goal is to support easier knowledge exchange and build a network of doers and makers, where top-notch innovative projects from all over the world are boosted with ideas, cooperation proposals, and business offers,” said Katarzyna Janocha, coordinator of the Closer to People campaign.

“For tech owners, participation in the campaign is a way to get the international recognition of their work and accomplishments but above all, to gain new opportunities for their project development or commercialization.”

The campaign will also feature a range of digital events, such as public voting for the top innovation in each category, and awards for the world’s top innovators.

Submissions have been extended until January 15, and can be made here.