Nintendo’s Wii launches in South Africa


Nintendo’s Wii, the most popular gaming console in the world, has been launched in SA and will be available in local stores this weekend.

The Wii is priced at R2 899 while the games will cost between R499 and R599. This price is higher than the Xbox 360 Core system – which costs R2,699 – but the official local Wii distributor – Core - feels that the price is justified.

Duncan McLeod, in his FMTech blog, writes that RJ van Spaandonk, director of Core Group, defends the local tariffs. ‘He says currency fluctuations, import taxes and the remoteness of SA from the world’s major business centres all contribute to the relatively high price not only of the Wii but of all imported consumer electronics goods sold in the country.’ The gaming console goes on sale in most major retail stores and is bundled with the sports games - tennis, golf, boxing, bowling and baseball.