Ecocash partners TransferTo to improve international remittances

13 January 2017

Money Transfer

ECONET Wireless Zimbabwe subsidiary Ecocash, has partnered with Cross-Border Mobile Payments Network- TransferTo, to expand its cross-border reach for international remittances.

The partnership means Zimbabweans living and working away from home, can now send money directly to their friends and families’ EcoCash mobile wallets.

Econet Wireless chief executive officer Douglas Mboweni said the partnership brings convenience and choice to Zimbabweans living in South Africa.

“Starting with Money Transfer Operator, Mama Money, in South Africa, TransferTo cross-border payments network is connecting Mama Money South Africa remittances to EcoCash in Zimbabwe,” he said.

“We believe that mobile money transfer is the most effective digital alternative to cash and essential in providing greater convenience to our customers. EcoCash customers in Zimbabwe can receive money directly into their EcoCash wallets to pay for bills, goods and other services without having to travel long distances to access their money.”

EcoCash general manager Natalie Jabangwe said by partnering in mobile financial services, the service provider has been able to answer Zimbabwe’s needs in extending financial inclusion.

“We look forward to a successful partnership with TransferTo in facilitating digital remittances to alleviate the challenges of our economy,” she said.

Source: Financial Gazette 11 January 2017